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I have put together some Q & A questions that I hear most often and what I feel would help those understand things a little bit better about music publishing . These are the basic principles of publishing that would increase your understanding  and will surely help your foundation in the publishing industry. 

Q What exactly is Publishing ?

A Publishing is any activity of making information available to the general public. Any content  that you ( the author) can create weather it is Literature, Music , blogging , Audio or Video Content  that is  made available to the public makes you a Publisher!!

Q How Does intellectual Property coincides with music publishing ?

A Intellectual property (IP) is a legal concept which refers to creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are recognized. These rights are granted to the owner that creates them exclusively . When (IP) is made available for the public to engage with it, publishing  benefits the (IP) by payment to the owner who created it.

Q How important is Ownership in Music Publishing ?

A Ownership is very important in the industry of publishing . Your works can range form full ownership to a very small percentage which all depend on your contribution to the work that you have published .  Ownership equates to rights and your rights will translate to permission of use .  Your permission is what can warrant a payment for the use or purchase of your work.

Q How does Performance Rights Organizations ( ASCAP BMI, SESAC) operate with
your publishing income ?

A It's very important that every writer composer and artist align themselves with an PRO for their publishing income. It's has several revenue streams that benefits each song that is registered with the organization . It's a monitoring platform that tracks each play use of your song(s). They cover the performance rights royalties from Tv & cable television , radio , restaurant, retail stores and through any subscription background music distribution companies.

Q What's the difference between exclusive & non exclusive publishing deal?

A These terms are a must know when it comes down to Music Publishing .  It determines how much coverage one can obtain with their music . It really boils down to control. Dealing with a company" exclusively" means that the company you're dealing with will be the only company that will be able to handle your music concerning the marketing , placements, licensing & sales of the music you sign over . "Non Exclusive" rights are the complete opposite. There is much more freedom when dealing on non exclusive terms. You can allow more than one company the rights to do exactly what an exclusive relationship can do and increase your marketing and visibility by having several company work for you than just one .  More Exploitation the better.

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