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An astonishing 78% of independently released music videos were accepted by MTV, BET, and CMT in 2017!
The same studies showed and acceptance rate of 54% in 2015 and 61% in 2016, which can only mean one thing: Major Music Video TV broadcasters are accepting more and more music videos from independent artists.
Zilah Music Publishing knows the platforms every national TV broadcaster uses to receive and consider new videos for airplay. Now is your time to shine!  Get in touch with Zilah Music Publishing to get your music video on these major platforms.  It's worth the investment.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Zilah Music Publishing is proud to be a part of Robyn Charles journey as she displays her acting and singing talents in the stage play production " His Double Life" November 11th 2017 in Atlanta Ga.  Her new single entitled " I Don't Know" Which will be available in all digital online outlets, will be debuted in this play giving R Charles & Company Publishing & Zilah Music Pub Admin, a great placement for our partnering publishing venture.

Nial Martin creator, writer , director & producer of "His Double Life" created a play that tells the story of a young man who craves the unconditional love of his father but finds that no matter what he does, he is unable to measure up to his standards of life.  Yet he faces even more serious obstacles that threaten to destroy the relationship with this high school sweetheart and soon to be wife. It tears his family apart and causes an irreconcilable breach between him and his father.   The play illustrates how toxic secrets can be to a family's well-being and explores problem that many families endure such as alcoholism, life-threatening illnesses and hidden sexual desires.  In the end , HIS DOUBLE LIFE provides us with a view of what can happen when we accept the differences that exist in others and shows that no matter how terrible things may seem, love can still conquer all.

Read Below the Stunning Reviews from the previous performances:

4.4 / 5
4.4 / 5
Open Ratings Snapshot

5 / 5
Hilarious -- Love the show
Joseph Caleb
 - Miami
Posted 06/27/2017
I can't wait to see the show again in GA.. Love the acting and the suspense of the show. You don't really know whats going to happen next.
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5 / 5
His Double Life will give you Life!!!
James Knight
 - Miami
Posted 07/21/2016
This stage play is great, it is a well put together production!! I can't wait to see this show......A GREAT SHOW IN A GREAT CITY!!!
A hot show that's a must see!!


Thursday, September 22, 2016


 Zilah Music Publishing's finding of Music Xray's licensor is more than ecstatic to work with New York City's very own Jay Elle male vocalist, songwriter & musician.  His creative song writing and production fits the Pop, Folk, Adult Contemporary genres.  Jay's single "On Sunday" is about a father worried about his daughter out there on the streets.  The video incases New York City and Zilah Music Publishing looks forward to publishing this great work as we already solidified one placement on the work.  

Congrats to Jay Elle for signing with Zilah Music Publishing for his licensing & publishing distributions entrusting Zilah Music Publishing to promote this work creating more awareness for this single. 

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


ZILAH MUSIC PUBLISHING has been on the cutting edge of what they call " The New Age Of the Publishing industry" as the company is quite new on the scene, they expand their territory freely  to a new division by teaming up with IBNX RADIO NETWORK providing content and producing shows such as the internet talk radio show. focuses on the everyday person & the conscious community attracting those who like entertainment mixed with education bringing you the best combination of Edutainment!!!!!

Zilah Publishing first internet radio production project is a show all about giving back!!! This show content is about helping and educating everyday people through entertainment on how those with humble beginnings stayed focused & determined on their road to success, exploring the path of their journey and examining the decisions, crossroads, failures & achievements of successful people through  the process of business & relationships.  This concept was developed and centered around a great talent, business person, creative individual that Zilah Publishing has signed by the name of Tiffanie Romey better know as Tiffanie Ro!!!

Tiffanie Ro, is a pure example of what this show is all about.  She lives her life by always giving back to her surrounding by constant mentorship through her professional endeavors.  Tiffanie started her professional business career in being a star sytlist of hair and cosmetics for over 27 years.  She has been a major part of the behind the scene platform enhancing the images for such  Hip Hop artist like RUN DMC , Kid N Play, LL Cool J just to name a few,  Styling for these major artist music videos and photo shoots.  This guided her to land a major gig on UPN television network " Arsenio Hall  Show" during the height of the shows success as a cosmetic & hair stylist for the shows talent.  Opening her own salon in Queens NY with over 1,000 die hard clients , after years of building dedicated customers, she retired from the beauty industry and venutured into  real estate that she had no experience in what so ever.    Who would leave a successful thriving business for a career that one knows anything about you may ask?  Tiffanie Ro would!!!   After the experience of buying her very first 5000 sq ft home in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, she wanted to help people in the process of knowing how to buy and obtain one of america's top investments, and that's real estate for themselves because her experience was not so pleasant.  Years later from that decision, Tiffanie has been the Top Producer of several companies that she has worked with and currently 4 years consecutive top producer and mentors the company's agents to make them better sales producers.  With a leap of Faith and a dream, she has obtained her 3rd residential property & a host of investment properties.  Now that she continues to conquer the real estate industry she is now ready to use her College degree of Marketing & Communications, tie all aspect of her life together  and give back as she continue to do what she loves to do, that's help people succeed as she does constantly.  Tiffanie Ro's main principles is all about the Mind, Body & Soul.  Keeping all 3 components sharp and in tact through action, spiritual growth & physical fitness.   She wants to state that she is not perfect.  It's a very hard hill to climb to keep yourself in tact and motivated to move forward but she strives to be that motivative force for people that she never really had coming up during her journey.   Her purpose is to be of service and to expand to duplicate her purpose to others so that the world is not just full of consumption but more production.  Most important this module of Tiffanie Ro will leave her legacy so that she lives forever!!!!!!!    

 Zilah Publishing is estatic to have such a veteran sign on to work with the company.  We are very fortunate to be a part of this new segment of her career.  We want you to watch out for  Be a part of the journey while she helps you create your own.  Follow her at Twitter  @tiffanieromeyba,  Facebook / Tiffanie Romey and Instagram @Tiffanie_RO

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Robyn LaJoya Charles, youngest Daughter of 12 to the legendary singer and artist, Ray Charles Robinson, recently Founded " R Charles & Company LLC" Music Publishing and Consulting Firm in the Greater Atlanta Area . After her partnership with A-Class Productions as a songwriter spawned an array of song such as her current single "Let's Talk About It" she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands and signed the production company as her first client to RC&C. Charles also signed on as one of the leading roles in the upcoming stage production " My Double Life" ( No Jive Productions) coming October 2016 and placed her co-write with Lawrence Tolbert "Sad Song", on the newly release movie score and soundtrack "Love N Success," as a kick-off to this courageous venture.

"The Daughter of the Legend" has worked with such notable artist/producers as Kool Moe Dee, R. Kelly, Smokie Norful, Manny Fresh, Shannon Sanders, Chaise Flanders, Eric Williams , Chris Traxx Rogers, and Darryl " Mr. Formula" Easterling. She also worked with such notable actors as Ralph Harris (Manish Boy and Dreamgirls), Samuel Jackson and the late Bernie Mac on Soul Men. Charles is tirelessly developing her library as as songwriter/publisher with other composers & writers such as Kavi Karkaino, Gary G-Note Write, Saddler, Samuel , Sam P Addams and Enrique "Tetraz" Dent (Krazy Swag Ent) Wesley Hogges, Fred " Uncle Freddie jerkins, Rich Nice and Commissioner Gordon Williams ( Lalabela Music) on her music catalog.

After a brief run on the "Daughters of Legends Tour" With Carla Cooke (Daughter of the late Same Cooke) & Rhonda Ross (Daughter of Diana Ross), Charles teamed up with Aaron Reid (Head of A&R Sony/Epic), Darryl Easterling (MTC Consulting) and Shawn Bailey of Zilah Music Publishing to develop a rich and eclectic library with a variety of musical influences deriving from Gospel , R&B, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Island, Country , Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop. Robyn Charles states, " our goal is to have such a universal catalog, that ANY "Buyer" can find something that fits. Through life's experiences and her desire to further her father's legacy, Charles independent music endeavors ) following in her father's footsteps) will not only introduce her to the industry, but to the world!! Charles expects and demands to be known for her own gifts, talents, artistry and accomplishments.

Zilah Music Publishing is more than honored and ecstatic to be partnered with such a historic family brand. We look forward to a great long lasting relationship establishing more ground breaking history in the business. If you are interested in becoming part of the R Charles & Company Publishing House Catalogue, Please click link:

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Monday, May 2, 2016


Rayna Howe is an ordained interfaith Minister, Priestess, Sexual Trauma Body Worker wh a certified registered Kaurna Reiki Master who has teamed up with Zilah Publishing to transmit frequencies, sound healing , heart intelligence, Activations and DNA coding to bring light to the world and every human being she comes in contact with.

Lady of Rays, playing off of her harmonious connections to the seven rays realizes that everyday calls for surrender , patience and acceptance.  She comes with a purpose to be a vessel of communication & healing along with helping others while understanding and innerstanding she is like everyone one else. She considers herself to be a work in progress as well building and growing with her community of self awareness brothers & sisters.  ZILAH PUBLISHING has exclusively signed on to be that catalyst to spread this positivity through different mediums to make this dimension better one step at a time.  Look out for Lady of Rays to transmit through books, radio,  lecture circuit, plenty of healing and self help products to elevate goodness, well being & consciousness.

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Friday, January 22, 2016


     IBNX RADIO have been in existence for over a year now.  They are picking up speed and gaining momentum daily with an array of content that is innovative for this internet radio era.  The networks mission is to create a platform which provides the local communities, talent , businesses with a new voice in which information provided is relevant, interactive and creates much needed dialog.  Their goal is to afford opportunities of exposure to the masses.

   Since it's launch, founded by Ms Trish Clarke,  this network has collaborated with top celebrity guest such as Mathew Knowles and Comedian "Monique" Hicks among many others. Celebrity radio talent such as Comedian Rodney Perry and Newly added Hip Hop Icon Big Daddy Kane has joined the network giving light to the station from their worldwide appeal.  This platform allows Indiviuals in need of exposure now have a new outlet in which they can express their talent and show support for a number of causes around the world with experienced known artist &  entertainment professionals.   Zilah Music Publishing has been apart of teamibnx and has begun doing placements with this great organization.

     IBNX Radio is a StreamLicense Broadcast Affiliate.  Their Music Data Royalty and Performance Fee are reported and paid through Stream Licensing LLC which is very important to the publishing industry . They provide support to the Copyright owner allowing  opportunity, exploitation and financial gain. This also brings IBNX to an important campaign in which the owner Trish Clarke has developed called the Siren Campaign.  It brings awareness to the existence of Internet Radio and the threatening possibility that Internet Stations face being shut down by high operational licensing fees.

  Please go to to learn more about this matter.

Please go to to support the network.

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