Wednesday, August 31, 2016


ZILAH MUSIC PUBLISHING has been on the cutting edge of what they call " The New Age Of the Publishing industry" as the company is quite new on the scene, they expand their territory freely  to a new division by teaming up with IBNX RADIO NETWORK providing content and producing shows such as the internet talk radio show. focuses on the everyday person & the conscious community attracting those who like entertainment mixed with education bringing you the best combination of Edutainment!!!!!

Zilah Publishing first internet radio production project is a show all about giving back!!! This show content is about helping and educating everyday people through entertainment on how those with humble beginnings stayed focused & determined on their road to success, exploring the path of their journey and examining the decisions, crossroads, failures & achievements of successful people through  the process of business & relationships.  This concept was developed and centered around a great talent, business person, creative individual that Zilah Publishing has signed by the name of Tiffanie Romey better know as Tiffanie Ro!!!

Tiffanie Ro, is a pure example of what this show is all about.  She lives her life by always giving back to her surrounding by constant mentorship through her professional endeavors.  Tiffanie started her professional business career in being a star sytlist of hair and cosmetics for over 27 years.  She has been a major part of the behind the scene platform enhancing the images for such  Hip Hop artist like RUN DMC , Kid N Play, LL Cool J just to name a few,  Styling for these major artist music videos and photo shoots.  This guided her to land a major gig on UPN television network " Arsenio Hall  Show" during the height of the shows success as a cosmetic & hair stylist for the shows talent.  Opening her own salon in Queens NY with over 1,000 die hard clients , after years of building dedicated customers, she retired from the beauty industry and venutured into  real estate that she had no experience in what so ever.    Who would leave a successful thriving business for a career that one knows anything about you may ask?  Tiffanie Ro would!!!   After the experience of buying her very first 5000 sq ft home in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, she wanted to help people in the process of knowing how to buy and obtain one of america's top investments, and that's real estate for themselves because her experience was not so pleasant.  Years later from that decision, Tiffanie has been the Top Producer of several companies that she has worked with and currently 4 years consecutive top producer and mentors the company's agents to make them better sales producers.  With a leap of Faith and a dream, she has obtained her 3rd residential property & a host of investment properties.  Now that she continues to conquer the real estate industry she is now ready to use her College degree of Marketing & Communications, tie all aspect of her life together  and give back as she continue to do what she loves to do, that's help people succeed as she does constantly.  Tiffanie Ro's main principles is all about the Mind, Body & Soul.  Keeping all 3 components sharp and in tact through action, spiritual growth & physical fitness.   She wants to state that she is not perfect.  It's a very hard hill to climb to keep yourself in tact and motivated to move forward but she strives to be that motivative force for people that she never really had coming up during her journey.   Her purpose is to be of service and to expand to duplicate her purpose to others so that the world is not just full of consumption but more production.  Most important this module of Tiffanie Ro will leave her legacy so that she lives forever!!!!!!!    

 Zilah Publishing is estatic to have such a veteran sign on to work with the company.  We are very fortunate to be a part of this new segment of her career.  We want you to watch out for  Be a part of the journey while she helps you create your own.  Follow her at Twitter  @tiffanieromeyba,  Facebook / Tiffanie Romey and Instagram @Tiffanie_RO

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