Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Robyn LaJoya Charles, youngest Daughter of 12 to the legendary singer and artist, Ray Charles Robinson, recently Founded " R Charles & Company LLC" Music Publishing and Consulting Firm in the Greater Atlanta Area . After her partnership with A-Class Productions as a songwriter spawned an array of song such as her current single "Let's Talk About It" she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands and signed the production company as her first client to RC&C. Charles also signed on as one of the leading roles in the upcoming stage production " My Double Life" ( No Jive Productions) coming October 2016 and placed her co-write with Lawrence Tolbert "Sad Song", on the newly release movie score and soundtrack "Love N Success," as a kick-off to this courageous venture.

"The Daughter of the Legend" has worked with such notable artist/producers as Kool Moe Dee, R. Kelly, Smokie Norful, Manny Fresh, Shannon Sanders, Chaise Flanders, Eric Williams , Chris Traxx Rogers, and Darryl " Mr. Formula" Easterling. She also worked with such notable actors as Ralph Harris (Manish Boy and Dreamgirls), Samuel Jackson and the late Bernie Mac on Soul Men. Charles is tirelessly developing her library as as songwriter/publisher with other composers & writers such as Kavi Karkaino, Gary G-Note Write, Saddler, Samuel , Sam P Addams and Enrique "Tetraz" Dent (Krazy Swag Ent) Wesley Hogges, Fred " Uncle Freddie jerkins, Rich Nice and Commissioner Gordon Williams ( Lalabela Music) on her music catalog.

After a brief run on the "Daughters of Legends Tour" With Carla Cooke (Daughter of the late Same Cooke) & Rhonda Ross (Daughter of Diana Ross), Charles teamed up with Aaron Reid (Head of A&R Sony/Epic), Darryl Easterling (MTC Consulting) and Shawn Bailey of Zilah Music Publishing to develop a rich and eclectic library with a variety of musical influences deriving from Gospel , R&B, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Island, Country , Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop. Robyn Charles states, " our goal is to have such a universal catalog, that ANY "Buyer" can find something that fits. Through life's experiences and her desire to further her father's legacy, Charles independent music endeavors ) following in her father's footsteps) will not only introduce her to the industry, but to the world!! Charles expects and demands to be known for her own gifts, talents, artistry and accomplishments.

Zilah Music Publishing is more than honored and ecstatic to be partnered with such a historic family brand. We look forward to a great long lasting relationship establishing more ground breaking history in the business. If you are interested in becoming part of the R Charles & Company Publishing House Catalogue, Please click link: http://www.rcharlesandcompany.com/submission-review

If you want to license or obtain any information on "R Charles & Company Publishing House" content for Film, T. V., Commercial, go to
http://www.zilahmusicpublishing.com  or http://www.rcharlesandcompany.com

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