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NEW YORK, AUGUST 20TH, 2013-- Zilah Music Publishing administer to the "Back To The Future" catalog will create music-licensing opportunities for LAS SUPPER.  Shawn Bailey founder & CEO of Zilah Music Publishing stated "This partnership reflects how our company is growing, attracting all types of independent artist". "We think the sound that they put together brings elements of rich music and we feel confident in the possibilities of its use." Zilah Music Publishing represents several writers, bands, musicians & record labels.
Las Supper brings their signature sound of Vintage Soul delivering a high dose of flavor to today's modern audience. This super group includes Big Daddy Kane, Showtime & Joel Gonzalez-Viera, in all a ten-piece band. Given that their co-founder Big Daddy Kane is known as a rap legend who has dominated the Hip-Hop industry for many years, it is no surprise that this band has come to be known as the "super group". Kane, co-executive Produced and paired with co- founders, R&B lead vocalist Showtime, Joel Gonzalez-Viera & band Lifted Crew, together best described as a "Super Group" a title given by Vibe Magazine truly can't be compared to anything, but a style reaching deep into a soulful blend of values and skillfully crafted into a perfect consistent flow. Vintage Soul..."It's a sound that hits and grabs you from the gut of your soul."
"We all grew up on that good ... meaningful feel good music. We wanted to do something different that would incorporate all our talents. So we came up with vintage soul hip-hop. Which consist of Big Daddy Kane doing hip hop, Showtime brings the soulful voice along with me and "Lifted Crew" a ten piece band creating that band sound," Joel the bands leader said. Gonzalez-Viera. 
The LP "Back To The Future" produced by Big Daddy Kane, Showtime & Joel was released earlier this year presenting a musical style with upbeat tempos & a soulful sound which gives you a flashback to the 50's, 60's, 70's entwining that vintage flavor, spiced with hip hop. Video released for the single "I Believe in Love Again" directed and produced by Zodiac was released March 27, 2013 is reaching "all over the map."
"Adding my soulful voice, I wanted my fans to hear how we bring together different genres, time periods & still be dope. On this album I feel my voice evoke emotion & spirit with my rawness. I also wanted this project to be a roadmap to reach so many people as I plant a seed of positivity. Allowing me to reconnect with my fans" replied Showtime R&B singer /songwriter.
Although some media sources mark this as a Big Daddy Kane come back, it's far from the truth this is an experimental musical collaboration between friends who just wanted to bring a twist to an old sound. "It's not a Kane project. It's a Las Supper project. "This is not me, trying to shine, or nothing like that or relive my glory days. This is me doing something completely different," Kane stated on Las Supper is composed of sheer authentic talent. If you were able to capture the energy of their live performance, I'm sure the group's new sound will leave you with a staining impression and don't be surprise if you can't contain yourself from the rhythms and you start singing & dancing along. For sure this is great music.
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    1. This project is completely under rated. it's a must have in your music collections. Really good music.