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PHILADELPHIA AUGUST 22nd, 2013  ZILAH MUSIC PUBLISHING signs one of the Hottest indie rap acts of today. We are always looking for fresh new music and it doesn't get any better than being "Fresh In The Club" with KTBORDERLINE.

 Kevin “Ke-Real” Walker and Gaetano “Tommy Gunnz” Piccirilli met in Nashville TN, in March, 2005. They were both working in the construction industry and met on the construction site. Their friendship came out of their mutual interest in music, particularly rap music. When they discovered that they both were aspiring rap artists, they decided to hear each other’s lyrics and style. They liked what they heard so much that they decided to start a group. “North South Finest” formed with Ke-Real, Tommy Gunnz, and two other artists. Personal issues and creative differences soon divided the group, and they parted ways. Kevin and Gaetano eventually lost contact with each other.

Two years later, Kevin moved back to his hometown of Atlantic City, NJ, around the same time, Gaetano was staying at his father’s home, in Galloway, New Jersey ten minute distance from each other. One day Gaetano went to the Hamilton Mall, and to his complete surprise bumped into Kevin. They discovered that they now lived near each other again, and decided it was fate to go at it again and KTBORDERLINE was formed. 

ZILAH MUSIC PUBLISHING recognizes talent and when we do, we go after what we are all about, that's good music.  We love the movement and spirit of these two . They are not only artist but also entrepreneurs.  Their video on YouTube has over 2.2 million views because of the perfect collaboration with one of the industry's premiere  directors Jay Rodriguez Jr. of  Itchy House Films.    They recently were featured in May 28th issue of Hip Hop Weekly with Lauren Hill on the cover. KTBORDERLINE has been interviewed by press from LA Weekly to Atlantic City Press. They are charting on Hip Hop and R&B charts with the help of Robert Williams of TMarquise Entertainment who is one of the industry's promising entertainment & management companies.

We are excited to have extraordinary talent such as KTBORDERLINE added to the music library.  we are positive that all our buyers will find a need to place them in project that will best suit their needs . Zilah wants to marry opportunity to the striving artist, producers, songwriter & musicians so that everyone gets a shot just like KTBORDERLINE.  

KTBORDERLINE has new website where girls can post all their club pics. Website supports their YouTube hit “  so ladies please look your best and support them by looking beautiful as always. Go to the site and post that pic.

For Music License Details: 1-888-712-8995 


If you want to license any of KTBORDERLINE music for Film, T. V., Commercial, PSA, go to

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