Thursday, September 5, 2013


First let's define what a music library is and what it's for. A music library contains music-related materials for patron use. Music Libraries license their copyrighted music for use in film, television and radio productions. A lot of  music creators/ owners, I find are having mixed feelings about companies that are gathering music to license and exploit to other platforms like film, television and now the platforms on the internet  as well.  I encounter a lot of people very afraid or nervous to add their work to a music library.  Within this article I added Greg Savage who is the owner of  who received some backlash from a prior video that he posted that explained the pros of what a music library can do for the music that is added . Check out what he has to get off his chest in this video.

Now my opinion is that everyone is a publisher.  We all post, add & place things online, in  newspapers, we put our music on ITunes, anywhere we can to promote and bring our ideas to the public.  That in a nut shell is publishing.  It is very hard work for a publisher to bring something to the market that is not known and bring it to popularity. If it was easy everyone would be successful at it.   It takes Time, Money & dedication. Platforms such as Tunecore, AMP Music & myself at  work very hard at branding ourselves making the music buyers know and trust our product and you being part of the brand helps your chances of being heard and exploited.  That is the name of the game right? To get out there and be seen as much as possible.  To begin to make a living from what you worked so hard on.  Again you can do this yourself, which if you come back I will have an article explaining the process of doing just that. But realistically, people who create love to stick with what they know and keep on creating . So it's best just to get a little help from a music library especially if it's a non exclusive catalog like Zilah Music Publishing.  We advise you to find other Non Exclusive companies to get with. The more everyone pushes the better your changes. Hey anything is better than your music sitting in your hard drive with no one to hear it but you.

Listen Music Libraries are your friend not your enemy. You should start to embrace the library and the vehicle behind it as well.   Start to tune in and learn from people like Greg Savage of DIYMusicBiz and learn.  He sounds a little disturbed in the video but I'm positive his tone was expressed with Love for all of you because he knows that not knowing and just assuming can cost you a lot of time & money. Those two things nobody can afford to lose. 

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