Thursday, October 31, 2013


Never in the history of Zilah Music Publishing have we been more excited about a project such as this one.  It's an educational book that fuses 3 elements of the arts and 1 humanistic factor using music, dance, literacy and most important "Children".   By way of Project Manager Jackie Nance,  Zilah Music Publishing was brought in to handle all musical & visual administration aspects of "Oops I Danced My Diaper off authored by Reginald J Pace of Cool Clif Enterprises LLC.

 When asked what inspired Reginald to produce a book such as this one  he replied, "The initial inspiration for the book came from the need to find interesting material for our sons to read on a nightly basis. As graduates of Wittenberg University, my wife and I know how important it is to develop strong reading habits at a young age but we didn't want reading to feel like an assignment. So I asked them what they would like to read about, went out to the car on my lunch break the next day, and started writing a short story for them to read that night. After they started asking to read the story over and over again that week, I knew we had created something special."
They wanted to give amazing value to the kids as well as the parents so  they decided to incorporate entertainment and exercise into the project as well. "Ooops...I Danced My Diaper Off" consists of a read along book, sing along soundtrack, and dance along DVD! The book is a hilarious action comedy staring the newly created cartoon characters, Cool Clif and the Kid Ninjas. The soundtrack is a groundbreaking collaboration of professional artists and fresh beats that will have your kids dancing their diapers off.   Last but not least, he states " our dance along DVD includes nine dance routines with step by step instructions from our professional choreographer to help your kids get their heart rates up without feeling like they're exercising."
Our project manager, Jackie Nance of Ace Entertainment , has been the engine moving this vision forward toward our winter launch date. She has been working around the clock with our partners and it shows in the quality of the product that has been produced. You will not find a better value for providing entertainment, education, and exercise for your children all in one cool package. 

I believe this project is going to make a big impact. What's in the Air concerning this project I heard that Grammy Nominated Artist, Songwriter might be involved as well as distribution talks with Walmart.  This winter we will wait and see just who is on this project to bless all the children of the world.


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