Tuesday, November 19, 2013


"Speak Out! Declare Your Day" is a online cable television production company that is moving full steam ahead in the inspirational gospel entertainment industry without looking back. Brand new to the scene they were able to land a 5 day weekly slot on a new Inspirational online cable television network called Life Zone TV. which has affiliation with some Time Warner cable channels in the number one market in the US.(New York) and a host of online streaming platforms viewing nationally & across the globe.   Live From Blessed Studios in Lindenhurst Long Island , they are developing one of the most influential gospel talk shows ever created fusing live performances & intriguing topics, giving a platform for New talent along with interviewing the Hottest stars from Past to Present. Each episode gets deep in finding out the balance between their guest professional entertainment careers and their spiritual life showing the compatibility of the two along with displaying the strength of God and how they continue to make it through.

"Speak Out! Declare Your Day" has teamed up with MKM Media www.moreekampmedia.com as their videographer who has already worked with high end clientele such as Mogul Russell Simons, Musical Superstar John Legend, Musiq Soul Child, R&B Artist Tank , Food Network celebrity Marcus Samuelson and now adding "Speak Out! Declare Your Day" to be a nice addition to that spectacular resume.

Zilah Music Publishing main position is to bring value to the show through its mass network of artist while developing a solid strategic business model for the company and generating residual revenue by way of OTT streaming platforms , product development, corporate & affiliate partnerships.
"Speak Out! Declare Your Day" has a promising future and we look forward to working with them generating new business, securing partnerships and doing a lot of licensing deals in the very near future. Look out for "Speak Out! Declare Your Day" Monday Thru Friday 6:30 EST on LifeZone Tv www.lifezonetv.com/speakout

If you want to license any of "Speak Out Declare Your Day" music or Film  for Film, T. V., Commercial, PSA, or want to appear as a Guest on the show for  booking call 1-888-712-9995 or  go to http://www.zilahmusicpublishing.com

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