Friday, January 22, 2016


     IBNX RADIO have been in existence for over a year now.  They are picking up speed and gaining momentum daily with an array of content that is innovative for this internet radio era.  The networks mission is to create a platform which provides the local communities, talent , businesses with a new voice in which information provided is relevant, interactive and creates much needed dialog.  Their goal is to afford opportunities of exposure to the masses.

   Since it's launch, founded by Ms Trish Clarke,  this network has collaborated with top celebrity guest such as Mathew Knowles and Comedian "Monique" Hicks among many others. Celebrity radio talent such as Comedian Rodney Perry and Newly added Hip Hop Icon Big Daddy Kane has joined the network giving light to the station from their worldwide appeal.  This platform allows Indiviuals in need of exposure now have a new outlet in which they can express their talent and show support for a number of causes around the world with experienced known artist &  entertainment professionals.   Zilah Music Publishing has been apart of teamibnx and has begun doing placements with this great organization.

     IBNX Radio is a StreamLicense Broadcast Affiliate.  Their Music Data Royalty and Performance Fee are reported and paid through Stream Licensing LLC which is very important to the publishing industry . They provide support to the Copyright owner allowing  opportunity, exploitation and financial gain. This also brings IBNX to an important campaign in which the owner Trish Clarke has developed called the Siren Campaign.  It brings awareness to the existence of Internet Radio and the threatening possibility that Internet Stations face being shut down by high operational licensing fees.

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