Monday, May 2, 2016


Rayna Howe is an ordained interfaith Minister, Priestess, Sexual Trauma Body Worker wh a certified registered Kaurna Reiki Master who has teamed up with Zilah Publishing to transmit frequencies, sound healing , heart intelligence, Activations and DNA coding to bring light to the world and every human being she comes in contact with.

Lady of Rays, playing off of her harmonious connections to the seven rays realizes that everyday calls for surrender , patience and acceptance.  She comes with a purpose to be a vessel of communication & healing along with helping others while understanding and innerstanding she is like everyone one else. She considers herself to be a work in progress as well building and growing with her community of self awareness brothers & sisters.  ZILAH PUBLISHING has exclusively signed on to be that catalyst to spread this positivity through different mediums to make this dimension better one step at a time.  Look out for Lady of Rays to transmit through books, radio,  lecture circuit, plenty of healing and self help products to elevate goodness, well being & consciousness.

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